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"RUSSIAN DOLL" Season 2: A Moving Study of Intergenerational Trauma

Intergenerational trauma – what happens when trauma is passed down through generations, so descendants continue to suffer from events they didn’t even have direct experience with – has rarely been so brilliantly and movingly realized as it is in the second season of "RUSSIAN DOLL".

Intergenerational trauma means the past is never the past. You relive it constantly, are in a endless conversation with it, confusing time and space. Co-creator and star Natasha Lyonne mixes existentialism, quantum physics, and cinema to somehow dramatize this pain and tell her story. What a feat.

I adored "RUSSIAN DOLL" Season 1, but what Lyonne and her collaborators accomplish with Season 2 is next-level, as far as I’m concerned. In so many ways, it feels like a television series I've been waiting years, if not decades to watch.

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