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  • Cole Haddon

Inspiration for My Debut Novel PSALMS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

My debut novel PSALMS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD was released three months ago. Presented in a recent Medium article by me are numerous images from cinema, history, science, even more own life that served as inspiration for the book’s tapestry of narratives and puzzle box mystery.

No explanation has been provided.

If you’ve read PSALMS and care to ask questions based on what you find here, I'm happy to address them in my own cryptic manner. Can you work out what each of these images are and what role they play in my novel?

Read the Medium article by clicking here.


‘Ingenious and compelling’ THE TIMES, BOOKS OF THE MONTH

‘Powerful emotional hooks and vividly detailed scene-setting prove compelling, while questions about the meaning of life, human connection, and quantum entanglement make for a fascinating and assured debut novel’ THE GUARDIAN

‘Mind-bendingly clever and utterly gripping’ DAILY MAIL

It’s 1962 and physics student Grace Pulansky believes she has met the man of her dreams, Robert Jones, while serving up slices of pecan pie at the local diner. But then the FBI shows up, with their fedoras and off-the-rack business suits, and accuses him of being a bomb-planting mass-murderer. Finding herself on the run with Jones across America’s Southwest, the discoveries awaiting Gracie will undermine everything she knows about the universe. Her story will reveal how scores of lives — an identity-swapping rock star, a mourning lover in ancient China, Nazi hunters in pursuit of a terrible secret, a crazed artist in pre-revolutionary France, an astronaut struggling with a turbulent interplanetary future, and many more — are interconnected across space and time by love, grief, and quantum entanglement.

Spanning continents, centuries, and dimensions, this exquisitely crafted and madly inventive novel — a triple-disk, concept-album of a book — is a profound yet propulsive enquiry into the nature of reality — the perfect immersive read for fans of David Mitchell, Emily St. John Mandel, Neil Gaiman and Margaret Atwood.

Read the Medium article by clicking here or the image below.

PSALMS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD is now available. Read more about it, or order here.

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