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Cole Haddon

Screenwriter and Author, Including the New Novel



Psalms for the End of the World, new book, Headline Publishing Group, Hachette Australia, Hachette, Australian fiction


It’s 1962 and physics student Grace Pulansky believes she has met the man of her dreams, Robert Jones, while serving up slices of pecan pie at the local diner. But then the FBI shows up, with their fedoras and off-the-rack business suits, and accuses him of being a bomb-planting mass-murderer.

Finding herself on the run with Jones across America’s Southwest, the discoveries awaiting Gracie will undermine everything she knows about the universe. Her story will reveal how scores of lives – an identity-swapping rock star, a mourning lover in ancient China, Nazi hunters in pursuit of a terrible secret, a crazed artist in pre-revolutionary France, an astronaut struggling with a turbulent interplanetary future, and many more – are interconnected across space and time by love, grief, and quantum entanglement.

Spanning continents, centuries, and dimensions, this exquisitely crafted and madly inventive novel – a triple-disk, concept-album of a book – is a profound yet propulsive enquiry into the nature of reality – the perfect immersive read for fans of David Mitchell, Emily St. John Mandel, Neil Gaiman, and Margaret Atwood.



‘Ingenious and compelling.’ THE TIMES, BOOKS OF THE MONTH


‘Powerful emotional hooks and vividly detailed scene-setting prove compelling, while questions about the meaning of life, human connection, and quantum entanglement make for a fascinating and assured debut novel.’ THE GUARDIAN


‘A stonkingly complex, mind-bendingly clever, and utterly gripping blockbuster.’ DAILY MAIL


‘To review this book is easy. It’s extraordinary – read it immediately!’ GOOD READING

‘A book designed to be more than the sum of its parts, and one that achieves that because love is the thing that binds it together. Vitally fresh’ DOMINIC NOLAN (author, VINE STREET)


‘This is a wild, wild ride…immensely thrilling [and] quite majestical.’ TIM ROGERS (musician, YOU AM I)

‘With strong echoes of David Mitchell, Haruki Murakami, or Emily St John Mandel…this is a madcap ride to somewhere new with thrills to spare and a gallery of truly fascinating characters. One for the ages.' CRIME TIME


‘By turns mystifying, infuriating, and finally heartbreaking, Cole Haddon’s mad romp through the universe – (no, make that several universes) – mixes magic, philosophy, action, and metaphysics with the whimsical dexterity of Melville in Moby Dick.’ NICHOLAS MEYER (author/director, STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN)

‘A trans-dimensional, kaleidoscopic mystery-box of a novel…. wholly and riotously original. Haddon is a mad scientist of genre and his epic is a tour de force.’ PETER HO DAVIES (author, A LIE SOMEONE TOLD YOU ABOUT YOURSELF)


‘With PSALMS, it’s as if [Haddon]’s written four terrific and totally unique books and folded them together into one Ekpyrotic meta-yarn. The sum is more than the parts - and the parts are pretty darn cool.’ THOMAS JANE (actor, THE EXPANSE)

'Dazzling, madly ambitious, navigating space and time without a bead of sweat, PSALMS FOR THE END OF THE WORLD is like nothing I’ve read, which may explain why I couldn’t put it down. This is an assured and fascinating fictional debut from a writer who contains multitudes.' LOUIS BAYARD (author, THE PALE BLUE EYE)


‘It certainly deserves all those words like ambitious and adventurous.’ KATE EVANS (host, ABC Radio National’s THE BOOKSHELF)


‘If David Mitchell and David Bowie had a love child, it would be this jukebox of a novel. It’s batshit, it’s brilliant, it brings you to your knees by the end. Hats off to Cole Haddon, who manages to blow your mind and break your heart at the same time.’ RIKI LINDHOME (actor/comedian)

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Cole Haddon is an Australian-American novelist, screenwriter, and journalist. Dracula, his first television commission, was produced by NBC and Sky Living starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and he has gone on to develop dozens of feature films and TV series around the globe – most recently Genocidal Organ for director Park Chan-wook (Old Boy) and the rock musical Zombie Broadway for

The Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart

and director Jonas Åkerlund (Lords of Chaos). His graphic novels have been published by Dark Horse and others. His articles have appeared in the Melbourne Age, Sydney Morning Herald, and Village Voice Media, amongst others. Psalms for the End of the World, his first novel, will be released on 1 September 2022. He lives in the Blue Mountains of Australia with his wife and two children.

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